Grocery Store Pitched for Pier One Development

By John Lynds

One of the missing pieces in Roseland’s Portside at Pier One waterfront development project was the large retail space that has been vacant since the luxury rental apartments became opened in 2013.

Last Tuesday the City of Boston and Massport held an abutters meeting at Pier One to hear Fort Point Market owner, Namgyal Galden, pitch his idea for a boutique grocery store at the location.

Galden began Fort Point Market as a hardware store, but as the building boom of the Seaport District got underway he saw the need to feed the hungry construction workers looking for a quick bite. The hardware store was revamped into a deli and small grocery store that served pre-made sandwiches and meals. Business quickly took off and as more and more residential units began to fill up Galden expanded his store into a full service boutique grocery store complete with beer, wine and liquor.

Now, Galden wants to expand this concept to Eastie.

Galden said the market would place a heavy emphasis on carrying only healthy and high quality products for customers. This would include  fresh, locally grown produce and a variety of organic, gluten-free options. The beer, wine, and liquor options would also focus on local craft brews, wines and spirits like Boston-based Bully Boy Distillery.

Some at last week’s meeting like Jeffries Point resident Margaret Farmer welcomed the addition of a new grocery store to the area.

“From Jeffries Point to Central Square is really a food desert,” said Farmer. “It would be great for resident in Jeffries Point to have another option besides Shaw’s.”

Galden said he plans to also include grocery delivery services for residents free of charge.

Other’s however at the abutters meeting, especially those living in the Pier One buildings, said they were opposed to selling beer, wine and liquor at the establishment. Galden’s attorney Kristen Scanlon said the liquor being sold would be of a more upscale variety.

“There would be no nips or solo beers being sold,” said Scanlon. “Like at his other location in Fort Point the selection would be mainly craft beers and local distilled spirits.”

Scanlon also said liquor sales would end at 10 p.m., a full hour before other liquor stores in the area close.

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