Thank You East Boston Chamber and Congratulations to The Recipients

Living in an urban community is never easy.  The traffic, noise,  the lack of large areas of green space, the living on top of your neighbors and the crime are never easy to take.  Indeed, for many the grass does look greener in other communities.

While East Boston does have it share of the above-mentioned issues, it also has a lifestyle that has made this a community  of choice for generations of residents.

In East Boston, you are not just a face, but a name with lineage of whom your parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents are.

However, keeping this sense of community alive is not an easy task.

The renaissance that East Boston has been experiencing for the last several years just did not happen, but happened because of local people.

Last Thursday night, the East Boston Chamber of Commerce recognized 16 individuals who in their own way have made a difference to the betterment for our community at their annual Prosperity Awards.

We congratulate Claudia Correa, City of Boston

Ernani DeAraujo, EBNHC

Amanda Donis, East Boston Beauty Academy

Phillip Frattaroli, Restauranteur, Cunard Tavern

Joe Guarnaccia, East Boston Athletic Board

Robert Lewis, Jr., The BASE Founder and President

John Lynds, East Boston Times

Capt. Kelly McCormick, District 7 Police Captain

Michele McPhee, Bestselling Author, Talk Radio Host, and Journalist

Lisa Melara, East Boston Soup Kitchen

Angus Mui, Great Chef Restaurant

Johnny Pizzi, Comedian

Louis Silvestro, Channel Fish

Madeleine Steczynski, Zumix

Luis Vasco, Taco Mex Restaurant

Sal laMattina, the recipient of the “Buddy Mangini” Selfless Dedication to the East Boston Community Award!

We thank the East Boston Chamber officials for taking the time and effort for recognizing these recipients at a wonderful time.  These are the efforts that make East Boston a place to call home.

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