Massport Encourages Local Participation for New Gas Station

By John Lynds

There were some familiar faces in the crowd Monday afternoon, July 10, at the Noddle Island Community room at Logan Airport. Local business owners and employees like the Noviellos from Meridian Market and Celeste Myers of Spinelli’s were on hand to hear of a potential business opportunities as Massport prepares to move the only Logan Airport gas station and convenience store from outside Terminal E to the area of Logan near the Maverick Gate and closer to the community.

The meeting was a ‘pre-submission’ conference for the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the planned Convenience and Filling Station at Logan. Massport is encouraging local businesses to take part in RFP process as the Port AUthority plans to build the 47,700 sq. ft. filling station that will include a gas station, sandwich and deli shop, coffee, convenience store and lottery.

At the meeting Dan Geleta from the Massport Business Office said the new gas station, which is being relocated due to the Terminal E modernization project, could be a boon for a local business owner if they are chosen to be part of the new filling station project after the RFP process. Total gross sales of the current gas station last year were $10,840,340. This is included fuel pump sales at the gas station, Dunkin Donuts, and retail sales from the filling station’s deli and convenience store.

“What we are looking to do is have this new filling station as a buffer to the community,” said Geleta. “Our goal is to make something just as successful as the current gas station on the other side of the airport near the Maverick Gate over by the bus and limo lot.”

According to Geleta and Massport’s RFP the Port Authority wants to develop an attractive, functional convenience store and filling station facility that will be a prominent structure with contemporary and modern aesthetics that not only serves  the  Airport but the Jeffries Point community as well.

Massport is strongly encourage interested parties to incorporate potential partnerships with local businesses and sandwiches shops when filing its proposal for the sandwich shop, deli and convenience store within the new filling station.

Having proponents partner with local business, like a Meridian Market or Spinelli’s, to run its sandwich shop and deli is part of Massport’s plan to increase more local business opportunities at the airport.

Also with the new station’s close proximity to the Jeffries Point neighborhood, Massport wants to improve the physical space of the new filling station when compared to the current station. According to the RFP, Massport wants to incorporate an open space appearance and theme. At the meeting Geleta said Massport’s vision is to have an outdoor veranda much like the one at the new Bremen Street Library that overlook’s Massport’s Bremen Street Park. This theme, along with having a locally run sandwich shop, deli and convenience store within the filling station, would make it more inviting for local residents in Jeffries Point.

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