Rep Madaro, Sen Boncore Are Sworn In

By John Lynds

Sen. Joseph Boncore, bottom left, is sworn in to his first full term as State Senator.

Sen. Joseph Boncore, bottom left, is sworn in to his first full term as State Senator.

Last Thursday at the State House,  Rep. Adrian Madaro (D-East Boston) was sworn in to his second term as East Boston’s State Representative while Sen. Joseph Boncore (D-Winthrop) was sworn in for his first full term as the neighborhood’s State Senator.

“I couldn’t be more excited to start my second term as State Representative for East Boston,” said Madaro. “I take great pride in representing the community in which I was born and raised and look forward to a productive 2017.”

During the upcoming session, Madaro said he will continue to advocate for all of those who call East Boston home.

“To that end, I will keep fighting to raise the minimum wage for all workers while also advocating for tax fairness for the middle class,” said Madaro. “In addition, I intend to push for increased funding for public safety initiatives to ensure that young people in our community feel safe and have access to opportunities and hope as they grow.”

Madaro also wants to continue efforts to develop a waterfront transportation network that is affordable and effective.

“I want East Boston residents to have ready access to Downtown and the Seaport District via the Boston Harbor, but I also want visitors from the other side of the harbor to come to East Boston to support our businesses, visit our sites, and experience all that East Boston has to offer,” said Madaro. “I will also keep advocating for late night public transportation and other measures that will provide transportation equity to residents of East Boston. I want to thank the people of East Boston for your continued support. I look forward to working side-by-side throughout 2017 and beyond.”

Boncore, who was elected during a special election last year, will serve his first full two year term.

“I am honored that our communities have again elected me to represent them in the Senate,” said Boncore. “The 190th General Court faces a rapidly changing Commonwealth and together we must foster a modern innovative economy that also ensures a livable wage.”

Investing in a modern transportation system, said Boncore, as well as the life sciences industries and clean energy are not only necessary for the state’s future, but will also continue support the growth of good high paying jobs for residents.

“Furthermore, we must ensure all residents have access to these career paths by investing in education programs that support these skills from a very early age,” said Boncore. “To provide for these initiatives the Commonwealth will have to look toward new revenue sources such as the Fair Share Amendment.  Even as well look toward our economic future, we remain focused on our communities and homes; many remain plagued by addiction and addressing smart criminal justice reform that prioritizes diversion and restorative justice will ensure the safety of our communities and provide for those suffering with substance abuse.”

Boncore added, “As we work through this session we have to cast aside the partisanship of past years to build a stronger, modern Commonwealth together.”

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