Police Make Major Drug Bust in Eastie

By John Lynds

What started off as a call eerily similar to the incident that left two East Boston police officers seriously wounded back in October, turned out to be a big win for Boston Police rather than a tragedy.

Last Thursday a call reporting a man with a gun inside a Bennington Street apartment led to the arrest of an Eastie man and the seizure of $1 million in drugs, cash and firearms.

On Thursday, December 15 at 9 p.m. officers from District A-7 in Eastie got a call for a man with a gun inside 217 Bennington St.

When police responded to the call they were met by an individual at the front door of the home. Officers told the individual that there had been a call for person with a gun inside the location.

Officers asked for permission to enter the apartment due to the circumstances of the original call. The individual that met officers at the door complied and officers entered to look for a suspect with a firearm but instead found a treasure trove of drugs and guns.

“Once inside the location, officers promptly observed what appeared to be several bags of illegal narcotics and multiple items commonly associated with drug distribution,” said Boston Police in a statement. “In light of the observations, officers froze the location and applied for a search warrant in order to further understand and ascertain the contents of the apartment.”

A search warrant was executed on Friday, December 16, and officers were able to locate and take possession of over 15 kilos of cocaine; one large plastic bag of heroin, weighing about 47 grams; 1,010 pills of 30 MG Oxycodone pills; over two kilos of crystal methamphetamine; two digital scales; five cell phones; $182,819 dollars in U.S. currency; four high capacity firearms; six high capacity magazines; 162 rounds of ammunition; Packaging materials consistent with drug distribution including cellophane, plastic bags, plastic wrap tape

Officers arrested Roberto Alvayaro, 35, of East Boston and charged him with Trafficking Cocaine over 200 Grams; Trafficking Crystal Methamphetamine over 200 Grams; Trafficking Heroin over 28 Grams; Trafficking Class B (Oxycodone) over 100 Grams; Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm (Four Counts); Possession large capacity feeding device (Six Counts); and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

“This is a significant drug bust that absolutely makes our community a safer place,” said BPD Commissioner William Evans “In addition to the large quantities of illegal drugs, my officers also confiscated four firearms. There’s no doubt an effort like this certainly makes our city a safer place by disrupting the sale and distribution of illegal drugs in our community and I most certainly have to commend and give credit to my officers for the ongoing courage, commitment and hard work that they put forth every day in their never ending efforts to make our city one of the safest big cities in the country.”

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