City of Boston Discusses Future Eastie Police Station

By John Lynds

On Monday night the City of Boston sponsored a meeting at East Boston High School to discuss the long awaited construction of a new police station at the City Yards across from American Legion Playground in East Eagle Square.

The city has conducted a site feasibility study of the site and will begin building a consensus among community members on design over the next few months.

According to city officials the development of the City Yards parcel will include the new police station, and EMS garage, a Public Works facility as well as room for Parks and Recreation. The city said they want the site to include elements of green construction, renewable energy as well as waterfront access that will connect the site to the existing Condor Street Urban Wild along the Chelsea Creek.

However, at the meeting a group of Eagle Hill residents and employees from Chanel Fish, who are attempting to block Eversources plans to build a substation on the same parcel, argued that the underground cables that will feed the substation will interfere with the police station’s radio communications and other sophisticated equipment.

However, engineers from the city have studied Eversource’s proposal and did not feel it would impact the construction of a state-of-the-art police station in the area.

“We have seen the Eversource report and determined it would not have an ill affect on our systems,” said Project Manager for the Public Facilities Department Brian Milia. “We have had engineers look at the report and they said it should not dissuade us from moving forward.”

Mayor Martin Walsh earmarked $2 million to kick start the design and construction of the new police station in the neighborhood during the FY16 budget.

The police station will be Phase I of the overall redevelopment of the site while future uses for EMS, Public Works and Parks and Recreation will be additional phases in the future.

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