Eastie Elves Event Set for December 2

By John Lynds

The 13th Annual Eastie’s Elves fundraiser, a yearly tradition that draws more than 500 people to the Christmas toy drive, will kick off Friday, December 2 at the Hyatt Boston Harbor at 7 p.m. The price of admission is one unwrapped toy that will be donated to a local non-profit agency.

The annual fundraiser to raise toys for low-income families in East Boston and Revere and other neighborhoods was started by Senator Anthony Petruccelli when he served in the House and continued through his years in the Senate.

The annual event will now be hosted by Rep. Adrian Madaro’s Madaro Family Charitable Fund.

“It’s an honor to take over such a great event that was started by Anthony Petruccelli over a decade ago,” said Madaro. “Anthony (Petruccelli) has been a friend and a mentor and when he stepped down last year there was no question that this important charitable event needed to keep going.”

Petruccelli said that he was happy that Madaro decided to keep the holiday event going.

“When I stepped down from the Senate there were a few things near and dear to my heart that I hoped would continue,” said Petruccelli. “Eastie’s Elves was one of those events that I looked forward to every year and I thank Adrian (Madaro) for keeping the tradition alive.”

Madaro said this event has always had two major objectives. The first and most obvious is being able to gather as many toys as the event possibly can for families and children that are in need during the holiday season. The second, said Madaro, is to bring together the Eastie community to celebrate the holiday season with one another.

Like years past the singing of Christmas Carols by the East Boston Central Catholic Choir, a holiday meal of with all the trimmings and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping hundreds of families this holiday is a treat for all the guests that attend.

Last year Eastie’s Elves were able to raise over 700 toys for families and $2,500 that was used to buy gift certificates at Shaw’s Supermarket so families wouldn’t go hungry during the Christmas Season.

In years past, items like bicycles, toy trucks, remote control cars and plenty of clothing item shows the generosity of residents as the holidays begin.

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