OHNC Supports Plans for New Restaurant at Former Victory Pub

By John Lynds

Peter Ackerman, a Chelmsford native took ownership of the popular Salvatore’s Restaurants in Downtown Boston and in the Seaport District last year, has set his eyes on the former Victory Pub in East Boston.

At Monday night’s Orient Heights Neighborhood Council (OHNC) meeting, members voted to support Ackerman’s plans to bring a high-end burger bar to Orient Heights Square.

“This would be a a complete rehab of the former Victory Pub to bring a great burger place to East Boston,” said Ackerman. “We saw a need in East Boston for this type of establishment that will serve good food at a good price along with craft beers and other bar items.”

The bar, which will be called Renegade’s Pub, would transform the inside of the former Victory Pub into a sleek gastropub with a menu that includes a wide array of burgers and beer.

Ackerman, who said he has 35 plus years in the restaurant business, said he wants to create an opportunity for people in the neighborhood to have a really good local pub as well as creating job opportunities for residents in the area.

“This would be a 35 seat restaurant and bar and would create a whole new opportunity for the neighborhood,” he said. “I think we have really put a good proposal together to offer quality food at a good price as well as committing to hire locally for our restaurant team.”

OHNC President Joseph Ruggiero said Ackerman and his team met with abutters to iron out some concerns but the restaurant group’s reputation at it’s two downtown locations has been impeccable.

“After talking with neighbors we agreed to a 1 a.m. closing,” said Ackerman. “We assured that a 1 a.m. closing means a 1 a.m. closing. We would also secure the back door to the establishment as an emergency exit only so no patrons can go out the back and smoke and have conversations that might disturb neighbors at night.”

Salvatore’s Restaurants was created by Sal Lupoli, known for his Sal’s Pizza empire. Lupoli than began Salvatore’s Restaurants as a full service restaurant complete with private dining rooms, full bar and a warm ambience with locations downtown, Lawrence, Andover and Medford.

In October 2015, Lupoli transferred ownership of each of his Salvatore’s Restaurants to several longtime key managers. Ackerman took ownership of the two downtown Boston locations. Kevin Branco, of Lowell, took over the Andover Salvatore’s. Denise Baker, of Wilmington, now owns the Medford location. And Michael Agricola, of South Boston, took over the Lawrence restaurant.

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