Eastie Week to Kick Off Thursday, July 7

By John Lynds

For six days in July the spotlight will be on East Boston,  as several non-profits team up for a neighborhood-wide celebration to showcase all the neighborhood has to offer.

Dubbed ‘Eastie Week’ the celebration will kick off on Friday, July 7 and will be hosted by The Boston Harbor Association (TBHA) and Boston Harbor Now (BHN), in association with other local partners like East Boston main Streets, the East Boston Chamber of Commerce, Massport and the City of Boston.

The six days of events and community programming will run from Thursday, July 7 through Tuesday, July 12.

“Eastie Week is a fun and interesting way to invite visitors and residents to experience all that East Boston has to offer,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. “I look forward to residents and visitors alike enjoying the neighborhood’s diverse culture, arts, and food.”

TBHA and its local partners created the new event to highlight Eastie and promote the East Boston waterfront and neighborhood to the wider public.  As an integral part of TBHA’s Summer on the Waterfront initiative, now in its fifth year, Eastie Week promises to become an annual anchor event for the neighborhood.

“East Boston has a lot going on 365 days a year and Eastie Week allows the neighborhood to showcase all that it has to offer during the summer and beyond,” said Rep. Adrian Madaro. “From our food, to our youth programs, to our world class facilities and parks to our waterfront,  Eastie Week will be an exciting time for us to show off our vibrant community.”

Programming and events will highlight both the cultural and artistic wealth Eastie has to offer while also bringing focus to the neighborhood’s local resources whether it be the waterfront, the parks or public facilities such as the new public library, or the local merchants and restaurants that make up the bustling business district and waterfront.  Additionally, local musical talent and various professional and youth performances at Zumix will be highlighted.

“East Boston has so much to offer – a diverse mix of food, shops and entertainment, a beautiful waterfront and more,” said City Councilor Sal lamina. “My goal as a City Councilor is to create a vibrant and active waterfront so residents from Charlestown and the North End can come over to East Boston and vise versa. I want to see Eastie Week someday very soon to transform into ‘Eastie Year’.

 For a complete schedule of events, please go to: http://summeronthewaterfront.org/east-boston-week-2016.

According to TBHA, Eastie Week and other neighborhood weeks began in 2012 when an ad-hoc coalition of waterfront non-profit organizations led by TBHA began co-promoting all the cultural offerings taking place on Boston’s waterfront from June 1st through Labor Day.  In its first year, TBHA raised over $1 million in pro bono marketing support and reached over 25 million views through its marketing campaign with the slogan “Eat. Splash. Shop. Learn.  Rediscover Boston’s Waterfront this Summer.”

“We’re incredibly excited for the third annual Eastie Week celebration,” said Kathy Abbott, President and CEO, BHN. “It’s great to be a part of a such an exciting neighborhood with such strong ties to the harbor. We look forward to enjoying all the free activities with all of the  families, friends and visitors of East Boston.”

Piers Park Sailing in East Boston will provide free sailing lessons during Eastie Week, which kicks off on Thursday, July 7. See ad on page 10 for list of events.

Piers Park Sailing in East Boston will provide free sailing lessons during Eastie Week, which kicks off on Thursday, July 7. See ad on page 10 for list of events.

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