Recognition Deserved

In last week’s newspaper, there was an article about the East Boston Kiwanis Club helping to stock the shelves for the Grace Church Food Pantry.

Actions such as these by our Kiwanis Club, and by many of our other service organizations, help to make East Boston the type of community that cares about its residents.

In the not-too-distant past, neighbors knew when a family in their block needed help and would send over food for the children.

Of course, those days are just about gone, but the need to have families with young children eat well-balanced meals still exists in our society.

The increase of food pantries not only in East Boston, but in many of the surrounding communities, attests that there are still too many children going to bed hungry in one of the most advanced nations in the world.

While this fact seems hard to believe, the East Boston Kiwanians are to be congratulated for not just talking about the problem, but for rolling up their sleeves and playing a large role in helping to address this issue.

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