Letter to the Editor

Thank you NOAH

To the editor,

    Recently, attending the 28th annual dinner for the Neighborhood Of Affordable Housing (NOAH), I found out that in the last three months, over 143 folks who went through the organization’s first time home buyers programs are now new homeowners. I also was informed once again about the mission of NOAH which is to increase the quality of life for struggling small home buyers and the renting majority here.

   Our waterfront areas are now about to experience what folks over in South Boston saw firsthand when the Seaport District was created. East Boston’s waterfront will surely see the same kind of development here where the view of Boston Harbor out paces Southie’s Seaport district.

   The important thing for us is to make sure that the East Boston Waterfront doesn’t crush small homeowners and send renters fleeing for more affordable housing stock. With NOAH working to improve East Boston, there is hope that with an active citizenry, East Boston’s landscape will not be more stacking and more packing project like housing.

   There is a place for luxury high risers but there is also a need for more housing for the rest of us who love this place and want to stay put right here.

   East Boston stands now where the South Boston waterfront stood 20-25 years ago. We can learn from the other side of the harbor and create great opportunities for everyone with a stake in East Boston’s future.

   Once again, thank you NOAH for all the good you have done for East Boston. This housing organization with East Boston residents together can make East Boston better all the time.


Sal Giarratani

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