Sending a Positive Message

Nationally, the curse of drug abuse in today’s society seems to many to be out of control.  One hears of star high school athletes who get addicted to first pain medications then stronger opioids as they are prescribed medications for an injury.

In Charlestown, one hears about the increasing prevalence of drug addictions by the younger generations that lead to their deaths.  As a matter of record, Charlestown is in the top tier of the state in drug overdoses.  As a result, many community organizations like the Charlestown Neighborhood Council that were not actively involved are now becoming partners in trying to stem the drug curse.

The East Boston Court under the leadership of the Honorable Judge John McDonald, is also reaching out to help residents who have become addicted and are seeking help in their battle to kick the habit.  Just last week, many staff in the East Boston District Court hosted a movie night at the Sacred Heart Church for people who need help as well as the many community organizations that are helping residents overcome this disease..

These are the type of events that are a step in the right direction if we are to effectively fight drug abuse.  The message from this this event was that the courts are there to help.

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