A Fond Farewell To Hilton Logan’s Beloved Captain

Hilton Logan Airport General Mark Fallon had the honor of commencing the speaking program at the retirement party for John Dunne, the beloved bell captain who worked at the hotel for 47 years.

Fallon thanked John, his wife, Carol, and their daughter, Kelly [the couple also has a daughter, Traci] and you could sense the tremendous respect Mark had for John Dunne and his family and the sincere gratitude he wanted to express for his outstanding work in the position of bell captain, often the first person a guest sees upon his arrival at the hotel.

Conrad Wangeman, Hilton area vice president for Northeast USA and Canada, made sure that he was at the retirement party, altering his busy schedule so he could personally thank John for his 47 years of service to the Hilton hotel family.

“His job has been really great,” Wangeman told the function room full of John’s colleagues. “We’re in an airport environment here and that bell desk is like the control center of the hotel. And for the years he’s been here, he sort of been at the control center of the hotel – the first one saying hello to guests and the last one saying good-bye to guests. And to us that is so important.”

Wangeman noted how John Dunne was a valuable member of the Hilton Logan team who arrived ready to work each day whether there was a major snowstorm or rainstorm or a sunny day.

“You touched so many lives in your 47 years,” Wangeman told Dunne. “Most importantly everyone feels so compassionate about you because you’re such a terrific guy – not only very  hospitable by nature, but someone who has a tremendous amount of common sense and is able to really help everyone here.”

John Dunne took all the praiseworthy comments in stride. The man who meant so much to many at the Hilton is ready to enjoy his retirement years after a superlative career in the hotel industry.

Mark Fallon had the final words to fit the occasion, crediting the long-time employee for his outstanding service, his pleasant personality, his helpfulness to guests, and his mentorship to other employees.

“When I think of John Dunne, what comes to mind? The first thing is: quick to smile. Even if it’s snowing sideways, he was quick to smile and quick to laugh. I’m going to miss that, John. And through your mentorship to other employees, you made a huge impression on a lot of people in a very good way.”

We join Hilton Logan Airport in wishing John Dunne a happy and healthy retirement.

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