Mayor Walsh’s 10-year Plan Will Bolster All Boston Schools

We commend Mayor Martin J. Walsh for his bold and ambitious 10-year educational and facilities master plan that in his words, “will provide a strategic framework for institutional reform and investments in the Boston public schools.”

The mayor’s intention is to ensure that Boston’s schools are equipping students with the education, skills, and facilities needed to exceed the standards of innovative, welcoming schools.

We’re proud that Mayor Walsh chose our outstanding Donald McKay School as the site to make the announcement. McKay School Principal Jordan Weymer, Supt. of Schools Tommy Chang, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Building Authority (MSBA) Jack McCarthy, Chief of Education Rahn Dorsey, and Director of Public Facilities Tricia Lyons joined Walsh at the ceremony.

It’s clear that mayor Walsh is “all in” on this important plan to improve the school facilities across the city of Boston and provide each student with the maximum educational experience. Several city agencies are collaborating in this effort to update the facilities and “meet the demands of 21st century learning.”

The mayor, who was also in East Boston for a community meeting Monday at East Boston High School, also merits praise for the formation of the Mayor’s Education Cabinet that is also working to deliver a strong and vibrant educational experience to students throughout the city.

The Boston school system is beginning a new era under the leadership of superintendent of schools, Tommy Chang, who impressed many with his appearance on the WCVB-TV television show, “On The Record” Sunday morning. Chang is a highly capable and innovative school administrator who has a proven record of success. We look forward to his collaboration with the mayor in improving our schools.

Mayor Walsh has set the course for the future of the Boston schools and his well-designed, comprehensive 10-year plan deserves our attention and our support.

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