Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Be them Black, White, Hispanic or Asian,  these men and women in blue who protect and serve our community 24/7 have been neglected and disrespected long enough. It’s time for the residents of our community and the entire City of Boston to speak up and openly support these valiant civil servants who are the fabric of our communities. As a lifelong East Boston resident I am so proud of the men and women of District 7 who serve and patrol the streets of our neighborhood to make it safe for our citizens. It’s been open hunting season on our BPD. The media, social networking, movie , music industry and racist punk gangs that antagonize violence and contribute nothing to society are a huge part of the problem. As a result it has gotten so bad that our officers have to use extra caution both on and off duty. They must remain aware that law enforcement and military personnel and facilities remain a key target for terrorist activity.

* BPD Supervisors have asked their officers and family members to avoid social media in an effort to avoid revealing their association as an officer and set the privacy and security settings to the highest level.

* Avoid posting home or work addresses, location names or phone numbers.

* Avoid revealing your daily routine to anyone

* Turn off geo-locations on social media applications such as Facebook

* Be aware that navigation applications like WAZE that allows users to post their locations of law enforcement officers.

* Alter your daily routine while on duty and change up the route you come home every day

* Consider removing any decals that indicates you are affiliated with law enforcement from your personal vehicle

*Do not leave any police clothing in your person car

In short, a police officer is always on duty. In addition to working their shifts on or off duty, doing a detail or sitting with their family at home. Now they must be ready on and off the job because of this wave of terrorism by extremists and a segment of the population who just don’t like cops and incite violence and riots when an officer is just doing his job. Case in point was when a Boston Police officer was shot in the face for a routine traffic violation a few months back. The surrounding community didn’t seem to care about the officer and claimed the incident was some type of racial profiling.

As a community we are blessed to have Boston’s first and finest police department protecting our streets. Last and foremost I would like to that the men and women of Station 7 for their outstanding job and service to East Boston.


Thomas J. Briand

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