Letter to the Editor

Oppose the tax increase

To the Editor,

 I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed two percent tax increase on all alcohol sales in the City of Boston. Below I have listed just a few reasons why I am against this proposal.

 -Nearly 50% of the average cost of a bottle of spirits sold in the City of Boston goes to pay taxes.

 -Our local liquor stores and restaurants will be at a competitive disadvantage due to this tax increase. This tax will encourage city residents and tourists to spend their money outside the city limits.

 -The City of Boston has collected nearly $120 million in food and beverage taxes with the imposition of the local option sales tax established in 2010.

 -When beverage alcohol taxes are raised, it is the working poor who are most affected. Over one-third of all beverage alcohol consumers(spirits, beer, wine) come from households having income of less than $50K.

 Please let me know your position on this issue. If you need any additional information to make an informed decision, please contact me.


John  McDonnell

Past Chairman of the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.

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