East Boston Farmer’s Market Going Strong

After a rainout on July 10 the The East Boston Farmers’ Market, sponsored by the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) kicked off on July 17 and has been going strong.

The Farmers Market returned for its eighth season with more fresh, locally grown produce than ever before and will be at the Maverick MBTA station (Lewis Mall side) selling fruits and vegetables every Wednesday from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m. now through October.

“The Market has gone well, especially when Mother Nature cooperates,” said EBNHC Vice President of Development Steve Snyder. “We have seen a lot of new customers this year and have received a lot of great feedback on the new variety of vendors. The community has also participated in and enjoyed in the special events like Zumba and we look forward to more event such as our annual bike safety day at Farmers Market.”

With many residents in  Eastie coming from different places and bring many different tastes, Community Initiatives Coordinator at EBNHC Katie Tong said the Farmers Market is an excellent source for the greens, herbs, fruits, and vegetables of all our traditions: tomatoes, corn and beans, hot peppers and amaranth, yierba mora, and papalo, water spinach and bok choy, pea tendrils, scallions and Asian mustard, collard greens, cilantro, peaches and apples, Italian and sweet Thai basil.

“Our community has roots in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The East Boston Our farmers take pride in their Massachusetts-grown crops so that you can have the freshest and best produce for your family’s table,” she said. “The Farmers Market offers delicate and delicious fresh fish, supplied by Red’s Best, as well as eggs, cheese, meat, and healthy prepared foods.”

Eastie’s Farmers’ Market began when organizers at the health center’s Let’s Get Movin’ program asked how could they help families in the community increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets.

The market brings produce picked that day at Massachusetts’s farms to Eastie. The selection changes throughout the season, from lettuce and greens in early summer to apples and squashes in the fall.

At the Market, vendors feature produce important to the many cultures represented by the community.

With the arrival of new Farmers’ to the market, including La Sanghita of Eastie and Zuki of Boston, as well as fresh fish from Red’s Best there will be vegetables and herbs from Southeast Asia and Africa, including amaranth and collard greens. As the harvest continues, customers will also find tomatoes, corn, peppers, peaches, apples, cilantro, and basil, among other familiar crops.

Shopping at the Farmers’ Market is affordable. Families that qualify can use a range of vouchers and coupons to make fresh fruits and vegetables even easier to purchase.

SNAP/EBT participants can use their cards at the market and receive 50 percent off purchases up to $20, thanks to the Boston Bounty Bucks program sponsored by the Food Project and the City of Boston.

WIC participants can save in two ways with the WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program and with WIC Fruit & Vegetable vouchers.

Eastie’s Farmers’ Market is the only market in the city of Boston participating in this new nutrition voucher program.

The Market is also more than a source for healthy food. It is also a gathering place for the East Boston community. Many residents come to shop but also to see neighbors and friends. Musical and educational events planned for the market this summer will attract more people from a wider area, and will be listed on the East Boston Farmers’ Market web page (www.ebnhc.org/Farmers’Market.php), on Facebook (www.facebook.com/EBNHC) and on Twitter (www.twitter.com/EBNHC).


Front Page; A young East Boston boy was helping his mom pick out some fresh fruit at last Wednesday’s East Boston Farmer Market at Lewis Mall. The Market will run from now until October each Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

A customer tries a sample from Zuki of Boston.

A boy gets his face painted at the Farmers Market. Each week there are activities for families and residents.

Modica Leitner-Laserna from La Sanghita (left) hands out samples.

Community Initiatives Coordinator at EBNHC Katie Tong (left) poses with a customer during last week’s Farmers Market.

East Boston APAC’s John White and Wilmary Tejeda.

Customers from Lewis Mall Apartments find the Farmers Market convenient.

Benjamin Siwak of Red’s Best holds up some fresh local fish.

This local farm was offering fresh farm-made cheeses.

A bushel of fresh vegetables and greens are nutritious and affordable at the market.

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