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Airport noise advice

Have you noticed a severe increase in jet noise over East Boston recently?  Is your neighborhood afflicted by the flight paths determined by Logan’s new automated system called R-NAV?  Are you sick and tired of having your sleep disrupted and your family’s life negatively impacted by the roar of jet engines late at night or in the early morning?  If you are plagued by any or all of the above, you have one immediate recourse.

Any resident of East Boston can call the Logan Airport Noise Complaint Hotline at (617) 561-3333 at anytime of the day or night.  This telephone number is also listed in the white pages of the East Boston and Boston Telephone Directories.  You can leave your noise complaint there, either in English or Spanish.  It is best to have Logan respond to you in writing, as you will have a written record of their explanation.  And call as often as necessary.

Your noise complaints to Logan Airport matter.  According to a U. S. Court of Appeals decision of July 12, 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can use noise complaints, if substantiated by names and dates, as the basis for enacting aircraft noise restrictions.

So have your voice heard and make Massport fully aware of the pain that it daily inflicts on you, your family and our entire East Boston community.  And demand restrictions on these flights!

In Solidarity,

Metro Voloshin

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