The Healing Impact of Art:EBNHC Hosts Innovative Fundraiser

EBNHC's Sandra Caggiano looks over the art.

EBNHC’s Sandra Caggiano looks over the art.

Last Wednesday the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) hosted an innovative fundraiser to celebrate the Health Center’s mission and the healing impact of art at its 20 Maverick Square location during the third Annual Art of Healing event.

Inside its Maverick Square location, EBNHC has incorporated a wide array of vibrant and therapeutic pieces by local artists. Some pieces were auctioned off to help raise money while others were showcased during tours of the facility last week.

Through corporate and private sponsorships, ticket sales, a silent art auction, raffles and other donations the event was able to raise over $250,000 for the Health Center’s crucial programs.

“We were really thrilled with the turn-out for this years Art of Health Care event,” said EBNHC CEO Manny Lopes. “We really took advantage of The opportunity to showcase and gain support for special programs here at the Health Center, with over 500 guests. And of course it was wonderful to present Mayor Walsh and Rita Sorrentto with our Maestro Awards. We are so thankful to all who lend us their support, all year round.”

Steven Snyder, vice president of marketing and development at EBNHC said the event has become part of an effort to raise awareness and revenue to support essential programs at EBNHC.

“Many of these programs run at a loss,” said Snyder. “Special programs like our Childhood Obesity Program, Let’s Get Movin’ or our Pediatric program for medically complex kids, CATCH, do amazing work, but are very costly to run do to the close coordination of care and multi-layers of service. It’s essential for us to be able to offset losses in these and other key programs and continue to rely on individual, foundation and corporate generosity.”

The event also honored EBNHC Chairwoman Rita Sorrento for her service and commitment to the health center as well as Mayor Martin Walsh for his support for community health centers since becoming mayor two years ago.

The annual event, which was launched in 2013 is unique in many ways said Lopes. The event’s first year was the first time the health center held an event for the general public.

“In 2013 we took a chance and invited the public and friends of EBNHC to help support our organization, and quite frankly, we weren’t sure how the response would be,” said Lopes. “We were very humbled and felt quite honored to receive such a great turnout that year and made us confident it would be a yearly success.”

Lopes added it’s great to see our local community and others near and far recognize EBNHC great mission and come together to support the health center.

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