Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Helps Out East Boston

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has been doing great work for our communities since 1986. As it states on the organization’s Web site, its mission is to restore and protect Boston Harbor. Its diligent effort in communities such as East Boston has been highly commendable.

Some of the statistics associated with the organization affirm the tremendous, far-reaching  impact it has had in getting things done and creating awareness of its efforts.

For example, since 2001 Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Youth Environmental Education Program has connected more than 100,000 youths to Boston Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands, a fact highlighted on its Web page.

But today we praise Save the Harbor/Save the Bay for its Better Beaches Program grants of $200,000. Three East Boston groups, Harbor Arts Inc.(for its outstanding HarborArts Festival), the East Boston YMCA (for camp fire, dancing, and summer food service), and Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (for Kayak Week at Constitution Beach) received grants as a result of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s outreach and support of the Eastie group’s plans  to host free events at our public beaches.

When you add in the grants presented to groups in Winthrop and Revere, you begin to realize the regional impact of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s grant program.

Of course, we so often see Bruce Berman, director of strategy, communications, and programs, at so many events in the area. We recall a Save the Harbor/Save the Bay roundtable discussion in Winthrop that was so professionally done and the large number of key state officials who attended the forum. Bruce has been a visible, diligent, respected, and eloquent ambassador for this well-known, harbor advocacy organization for a long time.

And as Bruce said, the public beaches are  extraordinary assets to the residents of Boston’s waterfront neighborhoods – and it is the work of this organization that keeps these beaches in the spotlight, with its grants program ensuring that residents will have special occasions this summer to truly enjoy the treasures that are our public beaches.

Thank you, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay for helping our community and keep up the awesome work.

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