Letter to the Editor

Good will and positive future

The Clippership Wharf development will serve as a catalyst for fostering community-focused development on the East Boston waterfront.

As a board member at HarborArts, I have had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Lend Lease, the developer of the project. HarborArts has been a part of the East Boston community for years and we have gained a great number of supporters, but none on the level of the Lend Lease team.

They sought us out directly, and have offered more help than any other group in the past, including dedicated space for large format sculptures and rotating art installations that will feature the work of our artists.

Their commitment to our mission and to the neighborhood speaks volumes about the good will and positive future that will come along with the Clippership Wharf development.  I hope my neighbors will join me in supporting this development.

Sincerely yours,

Marty Nee

HarborArts, Board of Directors

Owner, Strewnshank Productions

East Boston, MA 02128

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