East Boston Shines Cleanup Campaign

East Boston has never looked so good or its future so bright.

Residents appreciate Eastie’s unmatched views of the Boston skyline, its ideal location, and wide variety of outstanding restaurants. East Boston is fast becoming one of the most exciting places to live in the city.

Residents take great pride in the appearance of their homes and their streets. The snow from the record breaking winter is finally gone and soon, flowers and leaves will flourish in a big way.

And what better time than the arrival of May on the calendar to usher in the annual East Boston Shines Community Cleanup Campaign that is being held for the 13th time.

On Saturday, May 9, East Boston residents and the East Boston Main Streets organization, led by Executive Director Max Gruner, will kick off the campaign in Maverick Square. According to the Main Streets press release, “Volunteers will clean the streets, paint the tree-pit surrounds, spread mulch, and plant flowers.” The group will move on to Central Square and continue their volunteer effforts there.

We join with Executive Director Max Gruner in welcoming volunteers to take part in this worthwhile, community-oriented endeavor.

Let’s keep East Boston shining brightly.

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