No Fooling, Street Cleaning Starts on April 1 in Boston

Mayor Martin Walsh and City Councilor Sal LaMattina are reminding residents that street sweeping in East Boston will begin today (April 1) and are urging residents to help the city begin to clean up the streets.

With one of the worst winters on record, the melting snow in Eastie has unveiled lots of trash and litter in the neighborhood’s gutters. LaMattina is hoping residents will do their job and move their cars today and for the rest of the street sweeping season so the city can do their job and clean the streets.

“Residents and businesses have been pitching in and cleaning in front of their stores and homes,” said LaMattina. “No its time to get the streets clean so I’m asking everyone to please move your cars so the street sweepers can begin getting all the litter, trash and debris out of the gutters that has been left over from this winter.”

Residents are asked to obey parking restrictions in order to assist with the City’s efforts to clean the streets after the snow has begun to melt. Violators who do not move their cars during street sweeping hours will be subject to a $40 ticket and towing.

The City of Boston is continuing snow recovery efforts from the historic amount of snow Boston received over a thirty day period. Earlier this month, the Public Works Department began District Yard street sweeping through major roadways and arteries and has removed 350 tons of trash from the streets of Boston. Along with street sweeping, the Mayor has approved 20 hokeys to assist in trash removal efforts.

LaMattina and Mayor Walsh are also looking to begin a pilot program that would increase fines for residents who do not move their cars on street sweeping days from $40 to $90. The city would eliminate towing in the neighborhood that is picked for the pilot program.

The towing policy was implemented by former Mayor, the late Thomas Menino, in an effort to crack down on residents that did not move their cars on street sweeping days.

LaMattina said Walsh is drafting a City Council ordinance to create a pilot program to hit residents with higher fines instead of towing.

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