Letter to the Editor

Home Town Hero

 Dear Editor

In a world were hero’s come from the military or the political arena, which they deserve, we can lose sight of unsung heroes who live in our community and truly live a life of under the radar of papers or notoriety.  One such hero is Irene DiMarco a little woman who was mother and friend to every kid who grew up around Eagle Hill in her beloved East Boston.

Growing up on Falcon Street we saw Irene’s door always open to the neighborhood kids.  Along with her 4 sons, Eugene, Kenny, Steven and Ron the house was full of laughter and plenty of home cooked meals.  Many days she would pack her station wagon full of young people and go to wood Island Park for baseball games.  Sometimes there were so many kids in the wagon that the tail pipe would drag along the ground.

When I was eight years old my family had a very terrible car accident in which my parents were hospitalized for a number of months.  Irene DiMarco and her family welcomed my brother and me and we practically lived on her first floor apartment with her children as well as most of the children of the area.  Irene up until this past year kept her open door policy for all the people in the area.

This past month Irene DiMarco passed away after a long life of service to the people of East Boston.  She had a simple wake and funeral with plenty of stories about what an influence this little humble woman was.

When I think of my life of service as a Priest in this community it can never come close to the beautiful woman, Irene Demark, A True Home Town Hero.

Fr. John Nazzaro

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