Eastie Native Vinny Prezioso is a Billboard Hit

East Boston resident, Vinny Prezioso, is a rising pop songwriter, producer, and guitarist.

East Boston resident, Vinny Prezioso, is a rising pop songwriter, producer, and guitarist.

If pop songwriter and producer, Vinny Prezioso, was stranded by the MBTA in Boston during a blizzard and forced to sculpt himself an igloo for shelter, he couldn’t survive without his acoustic guitar, laptop, and microphone.

It would be a multi-story presidential suite of icy domes; complete with a television and two hot tubs at varying temperatures. Wherever Vinny is – whether California, New York, or his hometown of East Boston – he is creating music.

“You have to be really inspired in your life, and keep your life interesting,” says Vinny, 25. “I’m a spontaneous person.”

Every week is unique for Vinny, who works with Katalyst, a Grammy-winning production team based in New Jersey. The early bird composes lyrics and melodies one day, and the next he is recording songs in a studio. He can spend weeks just writing a single line; and when he finds himself in need of a quiet place to think, he parks his car in Maverick and overlooks the skyline.

“The themes of songs are universal: relationships, wanting to overcome something, and having a good time,” Vinny explains. “Since I’m writing for other people, I have to wear a different hat every time and get into the mind of whomever I’m writing for. It’s fun putting my creativity to work.”

Vinny was the 2009 winner of the Boston Music Conference Award, and has recently finished writing and producing an album with DJ Joe Bermudez. Their quirky song, “DJ Fav,” made it on the Billboard music charts.

“That’s been a big door opener for me,” says Vinny, a Berklee College of Music graduate. “Billboard is an amazing publication. I was very proud of that.”

Vinny grew up playing with friends in pop rock bands while attending high school at Boston Latin Academy. During summer vacation, he toured the US, including the Vans Warped Tour, eating Pop Tarts for every meal to save money.

“I was always tapping on things and making music,” says Vinny, who began playing drums at age 10. “I can’t picture doing anything else. It has helped me grow as a person. It’s been a crazy journey.”

Now he writes songs with American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, and hopes to collaborate with stars like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Rihanna in the future. Visit www.VinnyPrez.com to learn more about Vinny’s discography and listen to his music.

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