Basile Calls on Massachusetts Gaming Commission to Delay Awarding Casino Licenses until Voters Have Their Say

June 25, 2014

East Boston, MA – Democratic State Rep. Carlo Basile released the following statement today after the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a question on repealing casino gaming in Massachusetts will be on the ballot this fall:

“I applaud the Supreme Judicial Court for allowing the people to vote on this important issue. Last fall, the people of East Boston voted against allowing a casino in our backyards and I respect that decision. In November, our neighbors will head to the ballot box to decide whether casinos should be allowed anywhere in the Commonwealth.

“I call upon the Gaming Commission to delay awarding licenses to any casinos until voters have had their say. We need to have stability in our communities as we deal with these important decisions.

“As we move toward November, let’s work together to make sure the discussion about repealing casinos is thoughtful, inclusive and neighborly. My job is to represent all of the people of East Boston and to help those in need as I have always done. I will work to continue to bring home our fair share of resources from the Commonwealth and maintain our vision to keep East Boston moving forward.”