City Cracks down on Improper Trash Disposal

Public Works and the city’s code enforcement officers have been cracking down heavily all week on improper trash and recycling disposal in East Boston.

On Tuesday alone, code enforcement wrote 120 tickets for improper trash put out in Eagle Hill.

“Please be alert in the coming weeks and make sure that everyone is informed and educated on the City’s trash regulations,” said City Councilor Sal LaMattina. “Just because enforcement hasn’t been as heavy as it was this week doesn’t mean that regulations weren’t already in place. If your area of the neighborhood wasn’t cited that doesn’t mean it won’t be targeted in the coming weeks.”

Last week five code enforcement officers handed out almost 400 tickets in the Jeffries Point and Maverick Square areas and they will continue to have a presence not only in Eastie but citywide as well said LaMattina.

LaMattina said the city would have a zero tolerance policy going forward and trash to either be put out in barrels or in a heavy two-ply trash bags.

A few months back NOAH’s Community Building and Environment (CBE) Director Chris Marchi and his crew East Boston youth workers that focus on environmental issues in the neighborhood started a new initiative to help curb litter in East Boston.

Marchi and one of his workers Sebastian Londono explained during their work they found that litter and trash is still on the minds of a lot of East Bostonians.

In conjunction with the city, Marchi started pilot program to begin an enforcement campaign on proper trash put out on trash day.

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