Eastie Named Neighborhood of the Year

East Boston was named the Hub’s 2013 Neighborhood of the Year during the 3rd Annual Curbed Cup, an online competition that allows residents to vote for their favorite neighborhood.

“East Boston romped to a win in the finals of the third annual Curbed Boston Cup, besting Jamaica Plain roughly three votes to one in a poll that ended when New Year’s Day ended,” Curbed Boston’s statement read last week after the votes were tallied. “To reach this last tally, the neighborhood with all that waterfront potential and none of the casino-resort madness bumped off Charlestown in the first round; then trumped 2012’s winner, South Boston, in the second round; and then dispatched 2011’s winner, the South End, in the Final Four.”

Eastie ended up with 718 votes and beat JP nearly 75% to 25% in voting.

“This is the first time in the Curbed Boston Cup’s three-year history that two mid-range seeds have met in the finals,” read the statement.

Pitting Eastie against JP, Curbed Boston wrote that “East Boston’s 2013 might be summed up in three words: casino, casino, casino. Indeed, the heated debated over whether to build a gambling palace at Suffolk Downs swept the neighborhood, ending (or so it seemed) in a resounding No vote in early November amid the collapse of the plan put forth by would-be operator Caesars. There was also sizable new development in the neighborhood, too, including the big-time Portside at Pier One, part of the re-galvanizing of Eastie’s waterfront.”

Eastie residents took to Facebook and other Social Media sites, reposting the Curbed Cup link and asking friends and family to vote.

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