Thank You Rep. Basile

When one speaks with Rep. Carlo Basile, there is always a refreshing truthfulness and passion when Basile talks about social issues. Taking care of veterans, is one of the social issues, that Basile has true passion .

On today’s front page, there is a story about how well Massachusetts government takes care of its veterans.  As a matter of fact our state leads the nation in providing benefits and services.

The programs and services that are in place to help our veterans are only fair and right.

Growing up in the Vietnam War era, one can vividly remember how our friends and neighbors went over to those battlefields halfway around the world and did their tour of duty.  On returning home, many of these soldiers were treated as outcasts rather than as men and women who unselfishly answered the call of duty for our country.

The physical and psycological effects that many of these soldiers suffered are clearly seen  in the wards of the veterans hospitals and in health centers in our communities.

Today, we see even more veterans suffering from lost limbs and post traumatic stress from their tours of duty in Afganistan and Iraq.

It seems ironic that America has advanced to a point where our standard of living is the highest than at any time since recorded history and yet we have not advanced past the point where we still go to war and kill other human beings.

We say thank you Rep. Basile for leading the fight to make sure that all those who have served our country and protected us are themselves protected and their needs served..

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