Mayor Menino Stepping Down

The announcement last Thursday by Mayor Thomas Menino that he will not seek a sixth term puts an end to the speculation of the last six months of whether he will or will not run for reelection.

The consensus among political pundits that he would have won another election underscores what we had said back in October:  that when he feels he cannot perform the job as Mayor to his standards is when he will step down as Mayor.  On Thursday, Menino cited this lack of holding to his standards as his primary reason not to run for re-election.

To give up power, as Menino has done, when it was there just for the taking should show the citizens more about his character and his internal compass.  We can say with certainty that not many in political office today would have exhibited this trait.

We know some in our neighborhood may fault Menino for hoarding his political capital and not being bold enough with iniatives for moving Boston forward more aggressively.  Still others may fault him for being too thin skinned and exiling his detractors to a political wasteland.

In the end, only time will be the sole judge of how detrimental these points will be for the future of Boston.

Today, we join with the many others who commend Menino for a job well done with our city being on a solid financial and racial footing.

No one can doubt that the city is more diverse and welcoming than before Menino took over the reins of power in 1993 and that the quality of life in our neighborhoods is better.

We know that as time passes, Menino’s political influence will quickly ebb.

However his legacy of personal contact and meeting more Bostonians than any other mayor in recent history is a standard to which all future mayors will be held and judged by our residents.

Boston has changed much over the last 20 years for the better and this will be Menino’s legacy.

Today, we join with others to wish Mayor Menino continued recovery of his health and more time to spend with his family.  As those who have seen Menino in action out of the public spotlight, we know how fortunate his family will be to have him focus now on being a grandfather and mentor. We wish him a long and active life and remember Robert Browning quote:

“Grow old along with me,

The best is yet to be,

The last of life,

For which the first was made.”

1 comment for “Mayor Menino Stepping Down

  1. sailpete58
    June 14, 2013 at 12:14 am

    I saw their oldest bomber son on live TV lying on
    a Watertown street in the “prone surrender position”. His arms were
    outstretched, ankles crossed and his head was facing left toward the police (who
    were staying away from him) his eyes closed. There was NO blood or sign of
    trauma; but for the 5 minutes I viewed him lying there he never opened his eyes
    or moved. I thought he was dead. BUT he had to be alive to assume the “surrender
    position” on the ground. People just don’t fall dead and wind up in that ordered
    NO one has explained this live video and to this day, I don’t know
    if their son was dead or how he got into that “surrender” position?

    PM Jones

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