Petraglia, New Community Liason

East Boston’s new Community Liaison Corinne Petraglia. Petraglia, a Suffolk Law School graduate, began serving as the Mayor’s liaison here two weeks ago.

East Boston’s new Community Liaison Corinne Petraglia.
Petraglia, a Suffolk Law School graduate, began serving as the
Mayor’s liaison here two weeks ago.

Just two weeks on the job and Corinne Petraglia has already got a heavy dose of what it’s like to be Mayor Thomas Menino’s East Boston liaison—a job where you are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I started two weeks ago and there has already been a fire, a major snow storm and a number of important community meetings so I got a little taste of everything,” said Petraglia. “But I love it, I always wanted to do public service and help a community like East Boston so it’s great.”

Petraglia, 29, was born in East Boston and raised in Winthrop. The daughter of Silvio and Donna Petraglia, both of her parents were longtime Eastie residents involved in local politics and public service for decades. In fact, Petraglia comes from a long line of public servants–her uncle is Ward I City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

After graduating from Winthrop High School Petraglia received her degree in Political Science and History from Suffolk University.

In 2006 she moved back to Eastie and studied law at Suffolk University School of Law and received her law degree in 2010. While at Suffolk University she worked as a Senate Page at the State House.

“After law school I moved to New Orleans for a year because I wanted to experience another city,” she said. “I was planning on taking the Bar Exam there but I ended up coming back to Boston.”

While living in New Orleans, Petraglia said she realized the place to be was in Boston, more specifically, Eastie.

“While I needed a change after law school I realized how exciting and unique a place like East Boston is,” said Petraglia. “It’s so close to downtown and it’s very urban so there is so much going on. I wanted to come back here and be part of making the community stronger.”

Looking to make her next career move Petraglia said she knew she definitely wasn’t going to be the type to sit behind a desk for eight hours a day.

“I use to work in an office environment so I knew I didn’t want to do that,” she said.

When the job for Eastie’s Mayoral liaison position came up she jumped at the opportunity.

“I like being out in the community meeting different people,” said Petraglia. “It’s only been two weeks but you get a real sense of what the community wants. Just listening to people and attending meetings there’s a real sense of pride and people want East Boston to be a safe neighborhood to work, live and raise a family. There’s also a real sense of unity here and most people are willing to work together.”

Petraglia’s approach to the job since she started has been accessibility.

“I want people to know I’m available to bring any questions or concerns back to City Hall and have them addressed,” she said. “We have such a diverse group of people here from longtime residents, to young professionals to the Latino community so I want to be everyone’s voice at City Hall. I also want people to know that the Mayor’s Office is here to help.”

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