A Greener Casino

One only has to walk down the Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada to experience the asphalt and concrete jungle. The small outdoor oases in these mega-casinos/hotels can make one long for larger and greener areas.  However, the only open and green space one sees from a Las Vegas hotel room is the mountains in the distant horizon.

That is why the proposed green space at the Suffolk Downs casino is so attractive.  The developers have broken the mold of what a casino should look like to the visitor.

The amount of green space that the Suffolk Downs owners are planning to add to their complex would certainly be of benefit to the neighbors in East Boston and Revere.

In addition, these improvements woauld greatly benefit the Belle Isle saltwater marsh that is used by many residents in these communities.  From reducing runoff from asphalt parking lots to using the newly unearthed soil to help purify the rain water going into the ground water, such measures can only benefit the hundreds of acres of marshland and wildlife in the marsh.

In a recent article, the sad plight of the Mystic River was examined and how after many years, this recreational waterway is still on the EPA’s bad list.  Many of the reasons for the river remaining a disaster can be traced to the old factories that lined the river.  While these factories have been shuttered, their chemical effects are still being felt years later.

By returning so much land to the natural state, the owners of Suffolk Downs have demonstrated that their concern is not only about a casino, but also  about our community and its environment.

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