David Nunes

David Nunes, the Milford casino developer, recently let the world know just what he thinks of Eastie.

During an interview with MassLive.com, Nunes said while he’s a fan of Boston and that a casino should be built in a place “that people are not afraid when they go into a parking garage during the dark hours, in a location where it’s kind of an oasis onto itself.”

When asked to clarify Nunes did not say something like, ‘nothing against Eastie” or “Eastie’s a great place, I go there all the time”.

No, Nunes poured gasoline on the fire and anyone in Eastie that read it should be insulted.

Nunes said he things a casino in Eastie would make people afraid.

“I think they will. I know I would be,” Nunes said.

Well, Mr. Nunes maybe you should visit Eastie before you start slamming it in print.

Eastie has one of the lowest crime rates in the city just behind bucolic neighborhoods like West Roxbury.

Eastie has been featured countless times on national shows like Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain because we have some of the best food around.

Eastie has some of the nicest architecture, one of the best park systems in the entire city and with the recent groundbreaking of Portside at Pier One, will soon have the best waterfront to live on with the best views of the city.

Sure, the neighborhood is divided on whether or not a casino will improve life here but one thing is for sure and that is Eastie has a lot going for it.

Eastie will continue to thrive if there is or isn’t a casino here. So we don’t need people like Nunes judging us from the comfort of a cozy mansion somewhere.

I bet if Nunes walked around here just once he’d see he wouldn’t have to worry about getting into his car late a night.

But people like Nunes don’t do that do they?

They rather just formulate an opinion of a neighborhood they know nothing about.

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