Suffolk Downs and Citi Center Team Up For Entertainment at Proposed Casino

A new partnership between Suffolk Downs/Caesars Entertainment and the Citi Performing Arts Center may have widespread benefits for local performing arts groups like Zumix in East Boston should Suffolk Downs attain a casino license.

Suffolk Downs/Caesars Entertainment and the Citi Performing Arts Center entered into an agreement Tuesday giving the Citi Center a key role in collaborating on the entertainment and cultural activities at a future resort if Suffolk Downs is successful in earning a license to develop its billion proposal.

While the agreement calls for Citi Center staff to work with Suffolk Downs and Caesars in cross promotion, operations, cooperative booking of acts and shows to help both organizations grow, provide broader entertainment choices, the partnership will also expand arts education/community programs for local youth and families.

Citi Performing Arts Center has a long history of working with local performing arts groups and, according to the President & CEO of the Citi Performing Arts Center Josiah Spaulding; Citi has worked with local Eastie groups like Zumix in the past.

“It’s exciting to bring three iconic brands together to cross promote and work on cooperative booking of acts and shows,” said Spaulding Tuesday. “But through this partnership Suffolk Downs’ commitment to the local community will be enhanced and expanded to local performing art groups through the partnership.”

Suffolk Downs Chief Operating Officer Chip Tuttle said through the partnership there is opportunity for groups like Zumix to benefit.

“Citi Performing Arts Center has a reputation of successfully helping and promoting local youth and community based performing arts programs,” said Tuttle. “We are always looking for ways to extend into the community if we are successful in earning a gaming license. This is just one of example of our commitment to bring the partnerships we are forming into the local community that will ultimately benefit programs in East Boston and Revere.”

The benefit, added Tuttle would also extend beyond Eastie and Revere and help boost the profile of Boston’s premier cultural institutions like the Wang, Shubert and Emerson Colonial theaters that are run by Citi.

“The stereotype that casinos are built in order to keep people held hostage in a gaming facility for countless hours is a thing of the past,” said Tuttle. “This partnership shows that Suffolk Downs and Caesars is prepared to find ways to promote economic development for the entire City of Boston by boosting our arts, cultural and entertainment sector,” said Tuttle.

With over 40 million customers, Caesars’ Total Rewards program is the leading loyalty program in the gaming industry.  This partnership gives Citi Center access to this vast resource of consumers while providing Suffolk Downs and Caesars with access to local first-class performing arts and entertainment experiences in the Theatre District to offer their Total Rewards members.

“This partnership will not only allow Suffolk Downs patrons at a future casino to experience Boston’s landmark theaters like the Wang or Shubert but it will also bring people to an area where they may support local restaurants and shops around Boston’s Theater District.”

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