Get out and Vote

East Boston voters are urged to get out and to vote on Thursday, primary day.

There are two major races with friends of East Boston that mean something to mainstream voters here.

First is Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina’s candidacy for the Suffolk County Register of Probate position versus Patty Campatelli.

As a city councilor, LaMattina has shown an ability and a propensity for bringing people together. We are certain he would do the same as Register of Probate, although that office needs streamlining and modernization more than anything else.

Campatelli’s campaign has been marked by harsh words and accusations and unlike LaMattina, she believes the job should be hers because she’s a better person than him.

She may indeed be as good a person as LaMattina but has not shown this during the campaign.

She is a qualified candidate and has served a great deal of time in the court system in one form or another.

However her people skills cannot compare with LaMattina and her managerial skills do not match his over a lifetime spent in public service with the city of Boston.

That being said, voters are urged to think carefully before voting for LaMattina or Campatelli.

The Register of Probate position should be filled by someone capable of performing the office’s tasks and with a shown ability to deal with a very needy public.

The second race East Boston voters need to be aware of pits North End resident Robert Dello Russo versus Jamaica Plain resident Maura Hennigan, the incumbent Suffolk Superior Clerk of the Criminal Court.

This is a position formerly held by Eastie’s John Nucci and performed to perfection before Nucci left for Suffolk University to become a vice-president there.

Hennigan, the long time Boston City Councillor followed Nucci and has held the position since. Dello Russo worked for Nucci and then for Hennigan before retiring as an assistant clerk of the court.

Hennigan and Dello Russo have been splattering one another with mud.

Both very badly want this position – Hennigan to prove that her running of the office has been just fine, despite being fined recently by the Ethic’s Commission for inappropriate campaign activities which employees performed – Dello Russo to prove he is the best person for the job with the right temperament and a willingness to work despite Hennigan’s repeated assertion that Dello Russo was an unqualified appointee.

With a low turnout, this may be an opportune time for Dello Russo to show exactly what he is made for.

Has Maura Hennigan’s time come?

We won’t know this until all the votes have been counted and we see how large or how small the Jamaica Plain vote was.

Both candidates have fought hard.

Now it is up to the voters.

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