Helping out Wounded Marines on April 28

A huge event intended to raise money for wounded Marines seriously injured in the Afghanistan War is to take place on April 28 right here in East Boston.

More than 1000 motorcyclists, led by the Rolling Thunder Club, will be riding a circuitous route around the neighborhood in order to raise awareness as well as money for the wounded Marines.

The event is the effort of many, primary among them former Marine Andrew Biggio and Representative Carlo Basile.

Senator Scott Brown is expected to ride in the procession.

Local businessman Joe Ruggiero has donated the banner and the event is now set to go.

Rep. Basile is asking that residents of Bennington Street to line the sidewalks on the day of the event.

Basile is driven by the belief that all returning veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars deserve the best treatment possible and the support of those of us at home.

Biggio, who served in both wars, is also totally devoted to the cause of giving aid to wounded Marines in need of it.

Get out there and cheer them on on April 28.

It will be a day to remember and an event without peer in recent times in East Boston.

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