Congressman Capuano Visits Eastie for Friday Lunch

Last Friday, Congressman Mike Capuano visited East Boston to dine with friends for lunch at Rino’s on Saratoga Street.

It was a friendly lunch, an off the record interlude for the seven term congressman who represents Boston.

Those who ate with him described Capuano as the ultimate loner – a man on a mission who is basically disgusted with the goings on in Washington and who, frankly, wants no part of that but has to put up with it because he, after all, is a part of that mess.

Capuano lamented the state of politics, and he lamented the state of the nation which is crying out for change to a body politic incapable of it.

He said he is disappointed with the Republicans.

He said he is disappointed with the democrats.

He said no one wants to do what is absolutely necessary.

With Capuano, it is almost as if neither party represents his views and core beliefs.

Our congressman is a one of a kind. He is, above all, himself at all times, which so many of us find extremely unique and refreshing compared with the superficial and self-serving nature of most of the congress.

It was good to break bread with him in Eastie.

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