Sports Go Pats: Danilchuk Auto Team Show Why They’re Diehard Pats Fans

The parade of people that have stopped by Danilchuk Auto Body on Addison Street to take a picture of the auto body’s support for the New England Patriots hasn’t slowed one bit, especially with Super Bowl XLVI set for this Sunday.

Danilchuk has painted one car in the colors of the New York Giants. The mangled car is complete with a life size Eli Manning mannequin in full uniform turning on a spit. At night the car glows with orange flames suggesting that the Patriots will ‘cook’ or ‘roast’ Manning on Super Bowl Sunday.

The larger SUV is painted with the Bruin’s logo and colors. The SUV, in monster truck rally fashion is slamming into the New York team car.

Danilchuk’s tribute this year to the Patriots and other teams over the years has gained the small neighborhood auto body international attention. Already news stations have arrived at the auto body to take pictures and talk to fans outside the auto body that have made the pilgrimage to the Patriots shrine. Last year, when the Bruins beat Vancover in the Stanley Cup finals, Vancover news station in Boston to cover the hockey action stopped by Danilchuk to feature the auto body’s tribute to the Bruins and symbolic desecration of their team’s players.

Danilchuk has historically done similar tributes during Celtic, Red Sox and Patriots playoff games. The cars used in their depiction of local team support are usually donated.

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