Casino Study Comm. Disbanded by Murphy

Two weeks ago the Boston City Council announced the creation of a casino study committee to be headed by Councillor Sal LaMattina. Late last week, City Council President Stephen Murphy announced that the council study committee had been dropped and with it, LaMattina’s leadership role at the head of it.

With the end of this committee also came the virtual end of some councillor’s efforts to insure that there is a citywide referendum on the casino matter in Boston.

Mayor Thomas Menino is believed to have used his influence with Murphy to disband the committee and to set LaMattina free of a certain no-win situation.

The Menino inspired move by Murphy has almost certainly put to rest the idea of a citywide referendum on a casino to be located at Suffolk Downs.

The mayor believes, as we do, that a citywide vote on a casino to be located at Suffolk Downs is not needed, is not necessary and would do little meaningfully for host neighborhoods of East Boston and Revere.

There is absolutely no interest whatsoever in Hyde Park, Dorchester, Roxbury or in nearly all of Boston’s neighborhoods about what happens in East Boston. Boston at large has never had a referendum to ask East Boston whether or not it wanted tunnels and an international airport so why should there be one now when a casino may be built here.

Senator Anthony Petruccelli said it best when he suggested last week that a citywide referendum is not needed – a belief he shares strongly with the mayor.

“It is up to the impacted neighborhood to vote up or down the matter. It is not about neighborhoods not impacted telling us what we ought to do,” he said.

And he is right.

East Boston and Revere need to approve or to deny a referendum on casino gambling at Suffolk Downs. No other neighborhood needs to be involved.

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  1. Joey Creighton
    January 25, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Airport expansion was foisted on East Boston by the predecessors of these Dems feigning indignation on our behalf all the while breaking bread with them.   One East Boston “protector of Eastie went on to a nice living on the teat of MassPort.  They were elected to lookout for E.B. and the surrounding areas and to fight Expansion.   How long will it be before we see Messrs. Petrucelli and Lamattina in the employ of one of these casinos?   If not they themselves, then cronies or family, how long?   Anybody wanna lay odds?  

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