Marine Thwarts Car Theft Attempt

An East Boston man was arrested this week after a U.S. Marine helped thwart his attempts to steal a car in downtown Boston. The incident occurred in Liberty Square Sunday evening where Marines annually collect Toys for Tots for the Christmas holiday.

The Marine, who wished to remain nameless, was in his dress blues helping to load the toys into a van when he heard people screaming that a man was trying to steal their car.

The victims later said they had parked their car in the area of 120 Water St. and as they were returning to their car saw the suspect sitting in the driver’s seat. The victims yelled at the suspect who then jumped out of the car and took off running down the street toward Liberty Square. The victims ran after the suspect yelling for someone to stop him.

The suspect’s efforts to escape ended when he ran into the brawny Marine.  The Marine stopped and detained the suspect until police arrived on the scene.  When police arrived they found the Marine on top of the suspect who was trying desperately to get a screwdriver that was just out of reach.  The suspect was then handcuffed by police as witnesses shouted to officers that the suspect had just broken into a car and tried to run away.

Albert J. Dionizio, 48, of East Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor vehicle in the Nighttime, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.

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