Mark It Down: Don’t Forget to Vote in Tuesday’s Election

East Boston voters should get out and vote on Tuesday.

While the election is quiet, the at-large contest  has some important consequences.

Does Michael Flaherty get a seat back on the Council and at whose expense?

Will the John Connolly-Ayanna Pressley coalition save her seat?

Will Council President Stephen Murphy still be re-elected and what about Felix Arroyo?

In the last election Connolly topped the ticket  in East Boston followed by Murphy, Arroyo and Pressley.

A lot is at stake.

Our Councilor Sal LaMattina  publicly supports the four incumbents.

So with less than week to go and citywide election turnout forecasted at being very low, we urge our residents to get out and vote and show that East Boston is a place that can make or break a citywide candidate.

If we do this, then we will be assured of always getting our fair share of the pie.

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