ECCO’S Anniversary: Restaurant Continues to Deliver Excellence

Ecco Restaurant and Lounge, in the same space where Sablone’s did its great thing for so many years, is one of the North Shore’s best kept secrets. It has also established itself in a very short period of time as among this neighborhood’s friendliest, classiest and best new places to eat and drink.

Located just a few steps away from Santarpio’s, and with plenty of parking spaces just behind it, walking into Ecco is like stepping into a Newbury Street bar and restaurant.

It is dark but inviting. It is well appointed, the bar is classy, almost extravagant and the seating area has that ultra modern, very rich look and feel. The lighting is just right – in fact – everything about this venue is the way it ought to be.

And the food is to die for – a combination of exotic and exciting treats from braised lamb to grilled shrimp to nearly everything else that makes the palate want for great tastes.

Special praise goes to the Modica Family – Dave and Carla (who happens to be a Santarpio).

Ecco has been a wonderful addition to this neighborhood’s great places.

However, it is the Modicas who give the place its friendly essence.

These are hard working, generous people who know how to run a special place.

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