Hip Hop Star Big D ready to play in Brazilian Beauty Contest in East Boston

An emerging Hip Hop Act ready for a breakthrough towards the mainstream, the East Boston-based  Big D is currently working on his first album, promising mixed influences from Reggaeton, Urban Hip Hip to R&B and lyrics that praise the glamorous side of the fame.

On October 22nd, Big D will be the feature presentation for the Miss Brasil-USA Beauty Contest. The event will take place at the Madonna Queen Shrine in East Boston and is scheduled to start at 8PM. The address is 150 Orient Ave. and the tickets for the show are $20 in advance and $30 at the door.

The Brazilian-american rapper that recently played in an annual Brazilian parade in NY, has launched music videos for the songs `Dream Girl` and `Popozao`. The latter is sung in portuguese,  with lyrics that refers to the `women`s most attractive part` as the rapper says.

Among his influences, Big D cites The Game, Chris Brown and the Brazilian group Racionais. “ I write all the lyrics and beats, always trying to bring up some sort of autenticity, rarely seem in the music business nowadays” says Big D that not only raps but also sings on his songs. “ Im gifted to have the ability to do both things in my music. It’s something that i want to expose more frequently and work on it to get even better” explains.

For more information about the show call: 1-877-625-0079.

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