Brown in Town: Senator Has a Productive Visit to East Boston

The local visit recently by our US Senator Scott Brown gave many in this neighborhood a chance to see the senator up close and in real time and to meet him, to shake his hand and to have a few words. He was invited here and taken around the neighborhood by former Senate President Robert Travaglini.

It is Travaglini’s belief, and he is right, that Senator Brown is our man in Washington and that he is there for the residents of East Boston and for all the residents of Massachusetts.

In a way, Senator Brown’s visit to Eastie shows how his job transcends politics as he was himself everywhere he went and to whomever he met he gave the impression he is one of us and that he was interested in what we had to say.

And everywhere he went he was greeted with deference and openness.

Senator Brown visited the YMCA facility, the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, the East Boston District Court, Meridian Market and Santarpio’s.

He noted with emphasis that after touring the East Boston Court House – a tour led by Joe Faretra – he shared cake with the staff – a cake bought by the staff for him.

“It was one of the friendliest gestures I can recall since becoming senator,” he said of that cake in the courthouse.

He echoed that same feeling at Santarpio’s where he made remarks to about 30 local businesspeople and politicians that had gathered there to simply say hello.

Earlier, he had tasted of the treats at Meridian Market where he met the Noviello’s and shook hands with the customers – and everyone was agog about getting to meet Senator Brown.

We all glad he came here and witnessed for himself the type of greeting a US Senator from Massachusetts receives from people from all walks of life residing in this neighborhood.

We thank him for coming. We wish him the best. We trust and hope he will return to enjoy what this neighborhood has to offer.

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