Empty Thinking: Positive Developments Are Always Welcome

There seems to be the belief held among many residents that an empty buildable lot should remain always an empty buildable lot – that an empty lot is preferred over a well built, up to code, new residence which tends to enhance a neighborhood rather than to detract from it.

We frankly don’t understand how people think sometimes. We find the anger that sometimes ensues from residents who come to think that they own the empty lots to be incomprehensible.

The history of building new structures on empty lots in recent years has proven the value of architecture and code enforcement.

Bottom line, East Boston is becoming a better place to live with stunning new units built on empty lots and in rehabbed buildings.

We understand how some people hate change and cannot accept it.

We do not understand abutters to empty lots disrupting public meetings to advance their own ill-advised thoughts about keeping them empty.

It makes no sense – and we will never understand how people fight for things that make no sense.

1 comment for “Empty Thinking: Positive Developments Are Always Welcome

    November 9, 2011 at 9:40 am

    New homes on empty lots are not the problem.  It is the developers who want all types of variances to the building code that is the problem.  New condos on Maverick Street were built without parking and now there are six new vehicles on East Boston’s overcrowded streets.   Developers always want more than they are allowed and the Board of Appeal almost always grants them.  How about developers coming in with a plan does not require variances.  That would be almost NOVEL.

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