Catastrophe in Japan – Contemplating the Unthinkable

Many, many thoughts go through our minds whenever we are watching the television news about the ongoing disaster in Japan.

Never have we seen so close up and in real time on television what a tsunami can do – and in fact – what it has done.

We are all in awe of the powerful 23 foot wave of seemingly jet propelled ocean water sweeping everything in front of it away- buildings, ships, streets, automobiles, trucks, telephone poles – in all, sweeping away 10,000 poor souls and leaving behind millions of survivors with no water, no electricity, no food, no shelter and in addition to all this, radiation floating about.

The meltdown of three out of four nuclear reactors or something close to that has brought a new and more terrifying element into the suffering.

It has brought silent and invisible but deadly radiation as the final straw to this horrific mix.

And we watch and we become a bit uneasy so we turn the channel or we return to the easiness of our own lives believing that this couldn’t happen here.

But it could and it might although it is highly unlikely.

The Atlantic Ocean floor 200 miles out could buckle upward as it did 200 miles off the coast of Japan, unleashing a tsunami on us that would wipe out everything near to the shore up and down the coast of Massachusetts.

It would literally be the end of our world as we know it – and there would likely be a problem with the Plymouth nuclear plant. We’re down wind from that plant, which is the same type of plant having all the problems in Japan.

But let’s not go there. We don’t need to.

It can’t happen here …or could it?

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