A Great Spot – the Joy of Treating Yourself to Betty Ann’s

There is no proper way to describe just how good one feels having a bag of hot donuts from Betty Ann’s in hand and transiting back to the office early in the morning.

There is a lot of anticipation that goes with returning to the office, having your coffee by your side, reaching into the bag, taking out of it a hot jelly donut, sugar all over your fingers, raising the donut carefully and biting into it, sipping the coffee, loving the collision of great tastes, then sitting back and realizing how much of a wonderful scene the early morning can be with a little help from Betty Ann’s.

Betty Ann’s is the life’s work of Bill Scantlebury.

Everyone in this neighborhood knows him and everyone absolutely loves his donuts.

We want Mr. Scantlebury to know how much his work, the work of a lifetime, means to the hundreds upon hundreds of people who have come to love his product.

We want him to know how appreciated his personal touch is.

How walking into his donut shop is like going to back to a much better time long past. The decades have come and gone.

The world has changed so dramatically we hardly recognize it anymore. Yet nothing has changed at Betty Ann’s.

May it always be this way – and thank you Bill Scantlebury.


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