Bad Timing- A strike at Suffolk Downs won’t Help anyone

If ever a strike by some employees of Suffolk Downs was ill-advised, it is ill-advised right now.

Horse racing at Suffolk Downs is not a right. It is a business.

And as a business, it has been struggling for quite some time.

Striking right now – disrupting the track’s vastly depleted gambling revenues by enlisting others to withdraw Simulcasting as a show of support to the Suffolk employees who are striking – well- who does this help in the end?

No one, really.

Those of us in business understand the give and take that goes along with running a successful operation.

Suffolk Downs was successful for a lifetime until the times changed, and then horseracing wasn’t what it used to be, and the audience watching it and betting on horses declined, and then it reached a point where horse racing  might actually stop at Suffolk Downs.

Right now, there is a delicate balance in play at Suffolk Downs.

The ongoing strike by some employees of Suffolk Downs is causing a sinking boat to take on more water.

If those employees take a step back and look at the bigger picture, they should agree to go back to work.

It isn’t a perfect world at Suffolk Downs.

As long as horseracing remains, it is as perfect a world as horsemen could hope for it to be.

Unless they’re ready to throw in the towel on their professional lives, they should get back to work so the coming season can be a success.

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