Snow, Snow, Snow-This is a Winter We won’t soon Forget

Once again, the neighborhood is about to be buried with another major dumping of snow.

Moving around during January was difficult.

Now it is going to be even more difficult and dangerous.

Another snow emergency is very likely to exist Wednesday into Thursday causing business disruption, possible school closings and will act as well as a likely last straw in the parking nightmare that has existed since early in January.

January was not a good local business month. The beginning of February is not looking any better.

It will be incumbent on the city to accelerate snow removal efforts in order to maintain open streets for public safety and for commerce.

The parking nightmare as well must be mitigated.

A February like January is going to hurt many local businesses just at a time when many businesses seemed to be doing a bit better.

Mother Nature is showing her awesome power to us.

We can barely keep up with her exhibition.

We are all fearful that February might be worse than January.

All things considered, that’s not a bad bet.

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