The Patriots

Great season, disastrous ending

The utter and complete collapse of the Patriots at Foxboro against the Jets last Sunday was an enormous disappointment to all of us who depend on the Patriots on Sunday for something to look forward to.

They were defeated by the Jets just like that, like with the snap of a finger.

Frankly, the Patriots didn’t come to play last Sunday.

They suited up.

They went through the motions.

But upstairs in their heads where it counts most, they were not home.

We still can’t figure out what quarterback Tom Brady and/or the coaches were thinking about in the fourth quarter as the offense took  nearly ten minutes of valuable time to head downfield when the Pats were way behind with little hope in sight. That drive ended without any points and, in retrospect, it was the drive that effectively ended the Patriots’ season.

The fake punt at the end of the first half was another head-scratcher. Pat Chung dropped the snap, giving the Jets excellent field position at midfield. The Green Team turned the opportunity into seven points and a 14-3 halftime lead. Had Chung fielded the snap … Had the play never been called in the first place …

A victory wasn’t in the cards. In fact, the 28-21 final score was incredibly deceiving. The Patriots played most of the game from behind, and their last touchdown was cosmetic.

It was a bitter defeat. If you bet on the Pats with the spread it was even worse.

Wait ’til next year.

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